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Welcome to the Most Splendid Electrical Website of Mr Robert Newman

The Entirely Accurate Encyclopedia of Evolution book will be published on 1st October to tie in with Rob's Radio 4 series, which begins on 8th October at 11.30pm. Here's the Entirely Accurate book cover!

Rob will be performing The Brain Show at the Small is Beautiful Festival, Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth, 5th September.

Here's a wonderful review of The Trade Secret, by the Historical Novel Society.

Rob has just recorded his Radio 4 comedy series Robert Newman's Entirely Accurate Encyclopaedia of Evolution which will be broadcast on Radio 4 later this year, starring Claire Price, and proudly featuring Jenni Murray as the Voice of the Encyclopaedia. Says Rob: "It was such fun recording this show, so I hope I don't have to wait another 20 years before I do the next one!"

Listen to Rob on Radio 4's My Teenage Diary and The Ideas That Made Us.

Order your paperback copy of The Trade Secret for just 6.99, from Cargo Publishing.

Rob's new novel The Trade Secret is out now! It's published in paperback by Cargo, and as an E-book by Cargo Crate.

Robert's suggested reading list for his New Theory of Evolution

Read Rob's Q and A about The Trade Secret.

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