Robert Newman live dates - The Brain Show

The Brain Show tour

After volunteering for a brain-imaging experiment meant to locate the part of the brain that lights up when you're in love, Rob emerges with more questions than answers. Can brain scans read our minds? Are we our brains? If each brain has more connections than there are atoms in the universe, then how big will a map of the brain have to be? In search of answers to these questions, Rob's quest takes him from Stonehenge to South Pacific, and from a schoal of Bobtail Squid to a lost space ship, before a final showdown with neuroscientists who hook him up to an fMRI scanner for one last synapse-sizzling brain experiment!

11th September Kings Place Festival, London.

Rob Newmat Rob Newman and squids at the Norwich Playhouse

"The Brain Show is a delight." The Daily Telegraph

"Every time Rob Newman comes up with a new live show, it is beholden on all observers of comedy to pay attention. Not merely because of his great track record... but because he sets himself intellectual challenges beyond the grasp of many stand-up comedians, and produces material that genuinely forces audience to approach the world in a whole new way... this time around, in The Brain Show, he's delving into the inner recesses of his cerebellum with a performance that mixes hard fact with dizzying flights of comedic fantasy." The Guardian

"He is one amazing comedian" Time Out