The Wrong Way

Song from The History of the World Backwards

November 2007

Fm Bbm
I've got so much sadness running around in my heart,
Fm Bbm
For the little home that once was mine,
Fm Db C Bbm
Older but no wiser now and all alone,
Fm C7 Fm
How I wish the road ahead was the road behind.

We been headed the wrong way
All through time,
Living in the wrong place
Wrong life.
Bbm Fm
Travelling all the livelong day
C7 Fm
Going the wrong way.

Have you seen the old place anywhere?
Have you seen the life that we once led?
On and on upon this lonely road I go
How I wish the road behind was the road ahead.

We been headed the wrong way [etc.]

Where the human race is headed
I ain't got what they're gonna need,
No right to pass on these timid genes,
So give me one day's ration
And a blanket and a gun,
Like an old Comanche when the winter trail's begun.